A bachelor’s degree is awarded to graduation applicants who have acquired 140 credits and passed the graduation certification system

Curriculum and Required Credits

Curriculum Minimum number of credits Note
GC(General Course) 27 credits Minimum ~credit system
MC(Major Course) 48 credits
DMC(Double Major Course) 36 credits (major of same division)
48 credits (major different division)
Only for students double majoring
MMC(Minor Major Course) 24 credits Only for students taking Minor
FC(Free Elective Course) - Free to take courses in other majors
Credits for graduation 140 credits Total number of credits acquired

Credits Transfer

Classification Credit acquired in former school Credits to be acquired in SDU
2nd year
Completed more than 2 semesters Acquired more than 35 credits and less than 53 credits 15 20 35 12 More than 48 Credits
Completed more than 3 sesmesters Acquired more than 53 credits 21 32 53 6
3rd year Transfer Students 27 43 70 -

Year classifications

  • - A student’s year is classified according to the amount of semesters he or she has completed and the number of credits acquired.
    Example: 4th year students have completed 6 semesters and have aquired more than 105 credits.
    Year Semester completed Acquired Credit
    1st year student - Less than 35
    2nd year student 2 semesters more than 35 and Less than 70
    3rd year student 4 semesters more than 70 and Less than 105
    4th year student 6 semesters more than 105
  • - Promotion
    A promotion to the next year is determined
    according to the number of completed semesters and acquired credits


First session admission

Every December ~ February

Second sesseion admission

Every June ~ August