How to graduation

Students who meet the requirements for graduation and pass the Graduation CertificationSystem can
graduate through graduation assessment.

Graduation criteria
  • Students who have completed enrollment of 4 years (8 semesters), acquired 140 credits, and satisfiedthe minimum requirements of major and liberal art courses
  • Students who have passed the Graduation Certificate System
Graduation procedure
  • Enrollment of 8th session
  • Application for
  • Pass graduation
    certification system
  • Graduation assessment
  • Bachelor's degree
Graduation certificate system

Students must complete certification courses and it is reflected on grades.

Graduation certificate system Info

Admission Courses to be completed Requirements for Graduation Certificate System
Regular student 2

Students registered before 2013

Completing ‘‘2 graduation certification courses' or
1 graduation certificate course' + 1 required major course'

Students registered after 2014

Completing '1 graduation certificate course' + 1 required major course'
Transfer 1 '1 graduation certificate course' or '1 required major course'