Real estate

Dept. of Real estate

This is the 10th year since the SDU Real Estate Department opened in 2003. Over the past 10 years, we have become the nation’s best Real Estate Department and have made endless efforts to differentiate ourselves from other online universities. There are six exceptional characteristics of SDU’s Real Estate Department.

  • First-rate Faculty

    You can see from the website that our faculty consists of the best professors in the real estate field.

  • Best Human Network

    In the field of real estate, human networking is crucial. Thus, our Real Estate Department holds frequent events sponsored by other departments and students. There are 15 study groups per grade and these study groups are fully supported, sponsoring many activities to help with studying and promoting friendship. We believe that we are the only department with such activities in Korea. Not only people from the real estate industry, but talent from the government, public corporations, IT and medical industries have joined our department so that you can participate in a pool of diverse talent. In only 9 years since its inception, we now have approximately 2,100 graduates.

  • Lowest Tuition

    As you all already know, our tuition is lowest in the nation. (60,000 KRW per credit)

  • Wide Variety of Curriculum

    To deliver the best-quality education service, our Real Estate Department provides freshmen and sophomores with basic courses to help prepare them for the Real Estate Agent Exam and National Qualification Exam while mostly practical courses are designed for junior and senior year students. This will satisfy the demand for broader knowledge.

  • Highest Rate of Graduate School Advancement

    Since our first graduates in the second semester of 2005, almost 170 of our graduates have advanced to 44 graduate schools.
    We are proud to be the best Real Estate Department offered at an online university.

  • SDU Real Academy School

    SDU Real Academy School holds on-campus special lectures 6 times a year by highly experienced and well-known professors in the real estate industry like Professor Jong-wan Ko, Yong-dong Jang and Sun-deuk Kim. We believe that none of the other universities hold special lectures of such quality. The SDU Real Estate Department will continue to strive to respond to the latest trends and keep abreast of the times.

  • Future Career