Counseling psychology

Dept. of Counseling psychology

We aim to foster differentiated counseling specialists with creativity through practical education

  • Overview

    • Best faculty in Korea with excellent curriculum
    • Training program of Psychological Counseling Center
    • Practical approach to counseling education
  • Benefits

    • Offline practice in the community and at the Psychological Counseling Center
    • Courses to obtain certificates to become a counseling psychologist
    • Cultivation of counseling psychology experts with a network of current counselors
  • Main Courses

    Introduction to Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Counseling Interview, psychological Test and Assessment, Group Counseling, Clinical Psychology

  • Certificate Options

    Counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist, youth counselor, Vocational Counselor, mental health clinical psychologist, developmental psychologist, art therapist

  • Contacts

    Office02-2128-3068, 3264, 3265,