Childhood education

Dept. of Childhood education

There is an increasing need for programs to train child care and education professionals at social and national levels as parenting and childrearing requires more roles from society than from parents, nowadays. Moreover, with higher living standards due to economic development and fewer children, there is demand for a new paradigm for early education and specialized education programs. Due to a decreasing number of children and an aging society, children who are the growth potential of a country are considered to be important human resources, and investments in children and youth are increasing accordingly.

Drastic environmental changes surrounding children’s growth demand policies and specialized services that fulfill children’s needs and interests and supporttheir social activities. Such being the case, there needs to be professional and specialized knowledge and information about child care and education along with programs that can improve the working environment for child educators and child care workers Child care and education professionals should also be able to have a chance to experience what parenting or childrearing is through such job opportunities.

Why don’t you join our program and work as a child care and education professional in the future to make a better environment for our children’s upbringing?

Demand-oriented customized courses

Nursery teacher for childcare at nurseries and kindergartens "After-school child instructor” and "health teacher (national license)" for elementary students "Gifted and talented education instructor " for early education and gifted and talented students Specific methods of approaching correction of children’s behavioral problem and children’s psychology "art psychotherapist for children".

Step-by-step education

Customized education that provides appropriate education to both beginners and professionals. The education level can be controlled in fields of the student’s interest.
Moreover, highly qualified faculty members enhance the understanding of courses.

Comprehensive approach connecting various majors

We provide a comprehensive curriculum associated with other major fields like life-long education, social welfare and counseling psychology.
Moreover, the life-centered nature of our education enables study with a sense of fun and interest even for the students who already have bachelor’s degrees in other fields.
Indeed, students are showing accomplishments.

Accumulative expertise

Curriculums include practical knowledge reflecting the latest research. We suggest a practical education by reaching one step further than theory-oriented education.
A combination of online and off-line lectures especially provides a more specialized education for students and accumulates more expertise for social support for re-employment of related workers. Parents can gain helpful assistance in nurturing children and acquire expertise in overall education.

Related Certificate
  • Health teacher : National License
  • Nursery teacher : National License
  • After-school instructor : SDU Dept. of Childhood Education
  • Health manager : SDU Dept. of Childhood Education
  • Teacher for gifted and talented students : SDU Dept. of Childhood Education (Average grade above B)
  • Art psychotherapist for children : SDU Dept. of Childhood Education (Average grade above B)
  • Social welfare worker : National License (associated with Dept. of Social Welfare)
  • Youth counselor : Institution Certificate (associated with Dept. of Counseling Psychology)
Future career
  • Work as a researcher in a children’s educational institutions or related research institute
  • Work in various forms of after-school tutoring
  • Specialist in planning and managing children’s online education programs
  • Work as an English teacher or as a recreation expert in child related institutes Instructor in a community center or an academy
  • Developer of teaching materials or trainer of instructors in home-study institutions (Hansol, Froebel, Woongjin, DaeKyo, etc)
  • Developer of children’s program
  • Counseling expert for children and parents
  • Advance to graduate schools / study abroad