Life-long education

Life-long Education Specialist

With the advancement of information technology, the life cycle of knowledge is getting shorter, and the knowledge we acquired at school spans hardly a decade.
In this world, learning does not end at graduation, but it continues throughout our lives.

Korea also puts policy priority on life-long education that provides learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere, to ensure that people can get a new job or hone their expertise through continuing education. SDU’s Life-long Education Department has a curriculum for certificates and other practical courses to help students go to graduate schools or grow as professionals in many life-long education organizations.

  • Foster professional educators in various fields of life-long education.
  • Provide in-service training and re-education through systematic theory and practicum classes to experienced professionals.
  • Foster creative educators through certificate preparation courses.

Provides opportunities to become professionals

The SDU Dept. of Life-long Education provides the opportunity of becoming a professional in various fields of life-long education by acquiring professional certificates or advancing to graduate school. Our curriculum supports preparation for professional certificates including lifelong educator, youth specialist, E-learning instructor, e-learning teaching planner, e-learning quality manager, human resources developer and study coach for self-directed learning

Interactive learning activities by professional faculty

The faculty of the Dept. of Life-long Education consists of expert professors with a firm theoretical background and on-site experiences, providing useful knowledge and a great amount of learning material. We are overcoming the limits of online education by interactive learning activities like dynamic Q&A sessions, student discussions and study groups.

Customized courses for career development

All courses in our department are highly customized to provide effective career development. To assist students’ career decisions , we provide a customized curriculum for effective learning.

Application of on-site practical curriculum and dynamic teaching methods

We provide not only theoretical courses but also a realistic on-site education through case studies,projects and on-site practice. The use of various multimedia materialsthat cannot be used in off-line education. Deliver the scene of life-long education with the use ofvideo tapes We actively utilize effective teaching methods to provideopportunities to interact directly through real time conference tools while completing tasks.

Accumulate on-site experience though practical courses

The Dept. of Life-long Education encourages the practical training of life-long education in variousagencies. On-site practical training of life-long education has takenplace in 310 institutes since 2004.

Active human network

Although there are beginners to the field of life-long education, a considerable number of studentsof the SDU Dept. of Lifelong Education are professionals who alreadywork as instructors or managers at life-long education institutes. Students with differentprofessions have formed professional study groups and communities whereinformation is shared.

Bachelor of Education
Future career
  • Life-long educator
  • learning coaching expert
  • youth specialist
  • e-learning instructor
  • life-long education
  • human resource developer.