Fine arts

Introduction of the Visual Artists Department

Foster visual artists with professionalism in the era of globalization.
The first online fine arts department The SDU Dept. of Fine Arts

Dept. of Fine arts

The SDU Dept. of Fine Arts provides education for practices and theory of fine art from an outstanding faculty armed with brilliant work experience and maximum utilization of the advantage of online education -“Anytime, Anywhere”.

We put our primary effort to cultivate the ability of students to critique along with thedevelopment of creative formative expressions.

Therefore, our department not only offers diverse and specialized online courses for fine arts, but also provides on-site education such as off-line special lectures, practical classes, seminars, study groups, 1:1 student coaching, field inquiries and expert interviews. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to experience various exhibits and cultural art such as graduation exhibitions, various special exhibitions, art markets and public art projects.

The SDU Dept. of Fine Arts is a new concept of a training center for artists where students fromdifferent professions and generations communicate with each other.We foster open-minded artists with creative power.

Brilliant Curriculum

Our curriculum is composed of theory and practice and various in-depth major courses withprofessionalism. Students taking our courses will systematically establishtheir own art world and become a visual arts professional. Particularly, by suggesting a distinctivemajor and helping students to apply their fine arts knowledge tovarious professions, students can acquire certificates and broaden their spectrum of jobopportunities.

THE BRIGHTEST FUTURES - Career after graduation
  • Advancement to graduate school
  • artist in residence
  • specialist of work production
  • preservation
  • Creative art instructor
  • Children’s art teacher
  • Cultural art instructor
  • Instructor of art for entrance examination
  • practical art therapist
  • Art director
  • Art critic
  • Journalist
  • Exhibition planner
  • Children’s book illustrator
  • Illustrator
  • Book artist
  • Media contents designer
  • Character designer
  • Media Artist
  • Installation artist
  • Designer
  • Character designer
  • Key animator
  • Story planner
Student Life


NU:K is a club for students who want to practice nude croquis, the essense of drawing practice. Heldat a practical room in Bucheon every 3rd Sunday from1 p.m to 4 p.m. Tools and method of drawing is purely each individual’s choice. We have 1 min, 3min, 5 min, 10 min poses.
The family-like atmosphere comforts new-commers. Anyone who has an interest in the beauty of thehuman body, who has never tried croquis, and those who wantcontinuous training on observation and expression are welcome.

O Hoo Ne-Si Agit (4 pm agit)

O Hoo Ne-Si Agit (O’nett) is a student club that pursues diversity, fun and trial. The ultimatepurpose of the club is experimental creative activity of arts withoutlimitations in genre. It is a good opportunity to practice school knowledge in a whole new way.Furthermore, this matches the current art trend of convergence.In practice, we will start with trying smaller things. The meaningful part is that we are doing ittogether, with students having different backgrounds and knowledge.With students majoring in photography, we held a photograph workshop, an exhibition viewing andparticipated in projects with professional photographers.We are open to anyone with passion and enthusiasm and those who have curiosity and interest intrying something new.

SoSo Sejong Market of Art

‘SoSo Sejong Market of Art’ is managed by the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. It is a marketbehind the Sejong Center for the Performing Art where you canpurchase pop art, designed goods and handicrafts. It is open every first and third Saturday.Students of the SDU Dept. of Fine Arts have participated in the SOSO Marketas a team from the beginning of its existence. The paintings and handicrafts of student artist andthe art experience programs, the SOSO market is becoming a center forart-lovers communicating with art.

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Related Certificate
  • Creative Art Educator
  • Children’s Book Illustrator