Creative writing

Dept. of Creative writing

Faculty members are active writers in various literary circles

Faculty members of the Dept. of Creative Writing are active writers associated with various literary circles.

Various practice-oriented

Our curriculum provides a practice-oriented education in the fields of poetry, novels, essays, , children’s book writing, scenarios, and broadcast scripts.

Practical Education applicable to actual working environment

The Dept. of Creative Writing provides special training to enhance creativity useful in various fields.

Preparation course for various certificates

Our curriculum helps students prepare for various certificates related to creative writing: Reading Instructor, Statement Instructor, Literature Curator, Instructor of Developing Creativity, Literary Instructor, etc. to widen the spectrum of the student’s future career.

Club activities

There are on-line and off-line student clubs for different genres of writing - poetry, fiction, essay, children’s story, script writing, etc. Advising professors, who are active writers in various literary circles, provide 1:1 coaching for students.

Special lectures meeting famous writers

We provide students with opportunities to attend special lectures and to have conversations with famous novelists, poets, children’s book writers, essayists, screenwriters, etc.

MT and Literature tour visiting.

We conduct a school trip with professors and fellow students in spring and a literaturetour visiting today’s writers in autumn.

More than 10 students debut as writers every year

More than 10 students of the SDU Dept. of Creative Writing debut as writers through wellknown media.

Increasing advancement to graduate school

We provide special counseling to support students planning to advance to graduate school . Many students enter major graduate schools in the nation every year.

Literary magazine published by our professors <Todays of Literature>

<Todays of Literature> is a literary magazine published by professors of the SDU Dept. ofCreativeWriting. It has been leading the literary world withits highest manuscript fee to writers and Rookie Award System with the biggest prize. Also, itis the only literary magazine published in color. In 2013,<Todays of Literature> was selected as an ‘Excellence Literary Magazine’ to be supportedby theKorean Culture and Arts Committee.

Literary collection made by students <Digital Literature>

Literature pieces carefully trimmed communicating on-line, pieces that have receivedjoint reviews in class and other precious pieces of work are collected andpublished as a book titled <Digital Literature>