SDU offers more majors than any other online university inKorea. Not only this,
but we also provide exemplary lecture contents.

SDU has received the Minister’s Award from the Ministry ofEducation for
two years in a row for excellent lecture contents.

Lecture contents are made in full high-definition in ourworld class virtual studio
and are structured using HTML5.

Students can also obtain national certification forpositions in social welfare,
lifelong education, daycare education, art and culture education, and more.



Our school system is centered on our students.

We make learning convenient by making it possible to takeclasses right on
your smartphone.

We not only have admissions scholarships, but also merit scholarships while
students are attending school.

We have several support centers for students, including the Academic Support Center,
the Counseling Center, and the Support Center for the Disabled.



SDU has received several awards and certifications in theConsumer Quality
Satisfaction Awards, the Most Trusted Brand Awards, Web Award Korea,
Web Accessibility Certification Mark, and many more.

We also make an impact in our community by engaging in community service.

We also signed MOU’s with governmental branches and foreign universities in China,
Japan, Vietnam, Morocco, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and several other countries.



We have the biggest social network among onlineuniversities in Korea with
1,150 institutions and government branches and over 30,000 alumni.

Graduates have passed the bar exam, KICPA exam, andUniform CPA exam and
have gone to well known law schools and graduate schools.

The SDU soccer team with 27 members is playing in theU-League,the Korean university football league.

We provide opportunities for cultural engagement through our Art Center and
Today’s Culture, the university magazine, and through events such as the Jam Concertand
the SDU Art Awards



Tuition is only 63,000 won per credit, and we provide over 11.8 billion won in
scholarships each year.

Because all of our classes and exams are online, it is easy to manage time efficiently.

Students can work and study at the same time and can even listen to
lectures when they are on their way to work or home. Hard workers manage to
graduate in three years.