Fire and Disaster Prevention

Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention

To protect the lives and property of people from fire and disaster in the high-rise, large-scale, and complex industrial facilities due to the rapid development of industry and civilization, the Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention aims to cultivate fire safety experts with diagnosis, inspection, and evaluation skills for risks, by providing professional knowledge based on the theory of combustion, fire, and fire extinguishing. A systematic education system of the department enables students to be creative and talented ones so that they can have opportunities to get specially recruited as fire officials, or to get safety management jobs in the fire-related industries or general companies.

  • A systematic curriculum combining theory and practic
  • The best faculty with fire and disaster expertise
  • Easy acquisition of various fire fighting certificates
  • Guaranteed excellent professional jobs by having various certificates
  • Fostering of fire and disaster-leading professionals
  • Each graduate is granted a fire safety manager
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Science in Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering
Types of Certifictates
  • Fire Fighting Equipment Engineer(Electricity)
  • Fire Fighting Equipment Engineer(Machine)
  • Fire Safety Educator
  • Industry Safety Engineer
  • Hazardous Material Industrial Engineer
  • Fire Fighting Facility Manager
  • Fire Protection Professional Engineer
Certificates of Completion at SDU
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