Sports Major

Nice Body, Beautiful Life!

Cultivating experts to teach how to use healthy and beautiful bodyies by using sports

It's definitely changed.
A definite step to change your body and life, by adding 2% that sweat and hard work alone is not enough!
If you are confident in your sincerity, sweat a little, and pledge to stand in front of others someday, you have a very good choice of majoring in sports at Seoul Digital University.

  • A bachelor's degree in physical education
  • Certificate-tailored course
  • A trend-oriented learning curriculum such as home training, work-life balance, and body profile
  • Varous sports communities
  • Exciting lecture
  • Early graduation, double major, and smartphone classes
  • Reduced tuition fees due to various scholarship benefits
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education
Types of Certifictates
  • Professional Sports Instructor
  • Daily Sports Instructor
  • Sports Instructor for the Disabled
  • Senior Sports Instructor
  • Youth Sports Instructor
  • Health Exercise Manager
  • Sports Business Manager
  • Exercise Prescription Specialist, etc