Police Science

A combination of theory and practice,
fostering public security specialists by providing advanced security service.

SDU is the first online university to open a Police Science Department.
Our department provides customized education through the latest IT technology.

Dept. of Police Science

SDU Dept. of Police Science has worked hard to foster scientific and expertized security specialists Now separated as the Dept. of Police Science,
we aim to concentrate on the fields of Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science which fits a new paradigm in public order beyond the past 10 years of experience.
Our department strives to become an academic and practical department specializing in Criminal Psychology, Profiling and Forensic Science led byfirst-rate Criminal Psychology professors (current and former profilers) equipped with both theoretical knowledge and experience and based on differentiated curricula.
Moreover, by running preparation courses for graduate schools and professional interviews, we aim to foster highly professional Criminal Psychologists and
Forensic Scientists. Realize your dream of becoming a criminal psychology investigator (profiler) / CSI detective here at SDU Dept. of Police Science.

Goal of Police
  • Systematic study on theory and practice of criminal psychology / police psychology / profiling
  • Fostering highly specialized investigators
  • Fostering competent Public security specialists meeting the demands of society
  • Fostering Police counseling specialists to stabilize police society
  • Fostering criminal investigation storytellers
Features of our curriculum
  • Our technical system made it possible to overcome distance limits and to secure fine quality instructors. As a result, our faculty comprises the nation’s top ranked specialists
  • With the establishment of SDU, we opened as the ‘Department of Police Administration’ on 2001, and we expanded our boundary to become the ‘Dept. of Police Science’ on 2003. Our students include many policemen, fire-fighting officers and workers in the private security industry.
  • We look forward to your wise decision and participation
Special qualities of the SDU Dept. of Police Science
  • The nation’s first online regular degree course for Police Science
  • Faculty comprised of first-rate Criminal Psychology professors (current and former profilers) which help students to acquire theoretical knowledge and experience
  • Learn with a sense of realism through regular offline case studies (more than once a month)
  • Acquire certificates related to police consulting
  • Specialized learning of criminal investigation is valuable experience for people engaged in fields of corrections, security industry, youth counseling, scenario/fiction writing, etc.
  • Experiences to provide know-how to professional interviews
Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Police Science
Specialist Course
  • Recruitment and promotion process of police officers
  • Correctional officer courses
  • Private security
  • Job-related liberal courses
Related Certificate
  • Guard Instructor (issued by the National Police Agency)
  • Police Consulting Certificate (issued by SDU)
Future career
  • Police
  • Prosecutor
  • Court
  • Criminal justice organizations and related organizations
  • Private security industry, etc.