Health Care and Administration

Health Care and Administration Major

21st Century Health Care Medical Administration Professionals

The Healthcare & Administration Major at Seoul Digital University aims to cultivate talented people in the healthcare industry and health education sector, which are expanding in size and demand as people's interest in improving health and quality of life increases. In order to cultivate human-centered professionals with expertise and field adaptability in health care administration, we creatively operate a theory and practice-based systematic healthcare administration curriculum


Supporting various career paths and certificates through systematic curriculum

  • The Healthcare and Administrating Major is one offour-year regular universities apporved by the Ministry of Education based on the Higher Education Act. The major trains healthcare administration and medical service supporting personnel through various qualification preparation courses and give bachelor’s degree upon graduation.
  • Health Promotion and Education Track - Healthcare Educator Grade 2, Hygienist, Community Care Coordinator
  • Healthcare Administration Track ? Hospital Administrator, HealthInsurance Administrator, Insurance Review and Assessment Agent Grade 2
  • Healthcare Service Supporting Track ? International Medical Tourism Coordinator, Hospital Coordinator, Korean medicine service Coordinator
  • Health Information Track ? Health Care Data Specialist

The best professional faculty by field

We provides quality lectures by the professors composed of the best experts in health care administration. We also invite experts with the latest knowledge and field experience and have them give a variety of special lectures to help obtain practical and certification.

A 100% cyber education environment

We realize a 100% cyber education environment without time and place restrictions and conduct all academic schedules online. All courses are supported to be mobile lectures, so students can attend and take lectures anytime, anywhere.

Portfolio composition across different career paths

Students can expand the scope of expertise and practical skills in each field by linking with the double major or minor major system of adjacent departments such as graduate school enrollment, social welfare, counseling psychology, legal administration, management, English, and lifelong education.

Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration
Types of Certifictates

National Certificate

  • Health Educator Grade 2
  • Hygienist
  • International Medical Tourism Coordinator
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health Insurance Administrator
  • Insurance Review and Assessment Agent
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • Korean Medicine service coordinator
  • Community care coordinator
  • Health Care Data Specialist