Arts Therapy

Arts Therapy Major

The Arts Therapy major fostering professionals who lead integrated art therapy.
The major fosters professionals who take care of individual mental health and contribute to society through artistic media such as art therapy, music therapy, reading therapy, and motion therapy.


Providing opportunities for counseling practice at the SDU Psychological Counseling Center

SDU Psychological Counseling Center provides opportunities for counseling practice required to obtain qualifications for clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists.

A variety of career paths

Possible to enter public medical institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, welfare centers for the disabled, sand play therapy rooms, music therapy rooms, Korea Youth Counseling and Welfare Institute, Korea Institute for Healthy Family, and Korea Health Promotion Institution.

Building the largest counseling community in Korea

  • Possbile to create and activate art therapy communities and regional small groups.
  • Possible to participate in SDU counseling center communities and small groups in the Department of Counseling and Psychology.

Leading the integration of art therapy

Possible to learn art therapy, music therapy, reading therapy, and motion therapy.

Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Arts Therapy
Types of Certifictates
  • Clinical Art Physiotherapist(Korean Society of Art Therapy)
  • Korean Certified Music Therapist(Professional Music Therapy Association)
  • Clinical Music Specialist(Korean Society of Music Therapy)
  • Reading Psychology Specialist Grade 2(Korean Reading Therapy Society)
  • Art Physiotherapist Grade 2(Korean Society for Expression and Arts Therapy)
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • SDU Expressive Arts Therapist