Industrial Safety Engineering

Industrial Safety Engineering Associate

The Industrial Safety Engineering Major aims to cultivate professional safety engineers who can protect people, property, and the environment from industrial accidents that are becoming diverse and large due to the rapid development of the industry, have the ability to analyze and evaluate disaster factors and risks, and prevent harm to the body.

Through safety and health theory and practical learning, we want to cultivate competent and creative talents who can lead the safety field, respond quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the times, and respond to the society's human resources demands. Graduates will be able to play a leading role as a key expert in the field of safety management of industrial sites.

  • Systematic education curriculum combining theory and practice
  • The best faculty with industry expertise
  • Obtaining various safety-related certificates for professional use
  • Cultivating experts who can lead safety, health and, disaster fields
  • Graduates are qualified to take the safety manager exam
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Types of Certifictates

Engineers, Instructors

  • Industrial Safety Engineer
  • Construction Safety Engineer
  • Human Factors Engineer
  • Industrial Hygiene Management Engineer
  • Chemical Safety Engineer
  • Gas Engineer
  • Hazardous Material Industry
  • Engineer
  • Industry Safety Instructor
  • Industry Health Instructor

Machine Safety Professional Engineer(PE)

  • Construction Safety PE
  • Electrical safety PE
  • Chemical Safety PE
  • Industrial Hygiene Management PE
  • Human Facotrs PE
Certificates of Completion at SDU