Social welfare

Dept. of Social welfare

Students of the Department of Social Welfare first learn the basics of social theories and then receive a systematic education on social welfare practice and social welfare policy. After securing a basic understanding of policy and practice, students can study their fields of interest. By in-depth learning of children, women, youth, family, disabled, and the elderly, students can become a specialist in a relevant field of welfare.

1. Department with the largest number of students

Largest number of students! No. 1 attendance rate!! SDU is the nation’s largest online university with the greatest number of students.
The Dept. of Social Welfare is the pride of our university with the largest student body and No. 1 attendance rate.

2. Acquisition of essential certificates

Students can acquire major certificates relevant to the field of social welfare (Social Welfare Worker, Welfare Worker, Nursing Teacher, Healthy Families Center Worker).
A certificate of management course for social welfare organization and elderly instructor can be earned at the same time. Also, students can prepare for certificates that require graduation such as school social worker and mental health social worker.

3. Perfect preparation for certificate exams for social welfare worker level 1

The highest ratio of successful applicants for certificate exams of social welfare worker level 1. (in 2007/ the national average was 25%, SDU students 42%),
First online university to open specialized courses for certificate exams for Social welfare worker level 1. On-line and off-line special lectures summarize the exam and provide opportunities to share information.

4. Professors in charge assist field practices

Seven field instructors (1 instructor per 30 students) guide site visits to field practice agencies. We’ve signed agreements with 83 field practice agencies and provide orientations, evaluation meetings, and publish practice reports.

5. Advancing to prestigious Graduate schools

Number of students who have successfully advanced to prestigious graduate schools (Seoul National University, Korea University, Ewha Womans University, etc.) are constantly increasing every year.

6. Best faculty with first rate professionals

Faculty comprised of leading experts for a better educational experience! Provide professional knowledge through various experiences and continuous research.

7. Human network between current students and alumni

Online society, 15 regional clubs, alumni association, various on-campus events! Our students actively participate in on-line and off-line gatherings.