Companion Animals

Department of Companion Animals

Sharing Happiness with Animals!

Cultivating experts sharing happiness of humans and companion animals

More and more, people are sharing their homes and lives with animals. But are they sharing happiness, too?
A puppy, a cat, a parrot, a goldfish, a stag beetle...
They are animals that share happiness with me, even though they have different looks and names.
If you're looking for a way for humans and pets to be happy together, you're welcomed.
The Department of Companion Animals at Seoul Digital University!

  • A bachelor's degree in companion animals in the 4-year regular university
  • A variety of certificates/certificate-tailored courses
  • Companion animal-oriented learning curriculum, ranging from dogs and cats to stag beetles
  • Various companion animal-specific communities
  • Easy and exciting classes
  • Early graduation, dual major, and classes via smartphone
  • Various scholarship benefits and cheap tuition fees
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Zoology
Types of Certifictates
  • Pet Master(Korean Kennel Club)
  • Companion Animal Manager(Korea Kennel Federation)
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • Certificate of Companion Animal Care(Dog)
  • Certificate of Companion Animal Care(Cat)
  • Pet Expert(Small Animal): Certificate of Companion Animal Care(Small Animal)
  • Pet Expert(Birds): Certificate of Companion Animal Care(Birds)
  • Pet Expert(Fish): Certificate of Companion Animal Care(Fish)
  • Pet Specialists(e.g. Amphibians and Reptiles): Certificate of Companion Animal Care(AmphibianㆍReptile)
  • Pet Specialist(Arthropod): Certificate of Companion Animal Care (Arthropod)
  • Pet Expert(integrated): Certificate of Companion Animal Care (Integrated)