Software engineering

Department of AI Software Engineering

The Department of AI Software Engineering at Seoul Digital University cultivates professional engineers with the ability to develop application programs, computer games, and various digital content development skills needed for computers and smart mobile devices, as well as big data and artificial intelligence software that will play a key role in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

  • A systematic education process combining theory and practice from foundation to application
  • The oldest department for software development education among the cyber universities in Korea
  • A practical curriculum reflecting the latest technology trends
  • Course openings for obtaining IT-related international accreditation certificates
  • Major tracks divided into Big Data and AI technologies
  • Excellent admission rate in domestic and overseas graduate schools
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Types of Certifictates

[National Certificates]

  • Information Processing(Industrial Engineer/Engineer)
  • Information Management(Professional Engineer)
  • Information and Communicatin(Industrial Engineer/Engineer/Professional Engineer)
  • Computer System Application(Engineer)
  • Certifictate of Software Asset Management(C-SAM)
  • Nationally Recognized SQL Professional(SQLP)
  • Nationally Recognized SQL Developer(SQLD)
  • Nationally Recognized Professional of Advanced Data Analysys(ADP)
  • Big-Data Analysis Semi-Professional(ADsp)
  • Big-Data Analysis Professional(ADP)
  • Nationally Recognized Data Architecture Professional(DAP)
  • Nationally Recognized Data Architecture Semi-Professional(DAsP), etc.
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • The 4th Industrial Convergence Program
  • Leadership Convergence Program