Software engineering

Dept. of Software engineering

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

A ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ is granted to students with full time enrollment of 4 years and 140 acquired credits


  • Gigantic IT network of 1,200 students
  • 87.6% of current students are engaged in the IT field
  • Various community activities between current students and alumni
  • Active regional gatherings and clubs

Practical demand-oriented courses associated with global IT businesses (Oracle, Microsoft)

  • Issues education certificates
  • Provides an online practical training environment from the Oracle Academy and Microsoft IT Academy program
  • 20~30% vouchers for international certificate exams
  • External scholarships

Courses associated with data processing engineering and international certification

  • Microsoft : MCSE / MCSA / MCAD / MCP
  • Data processing engineer : Database , Computer architecture, OS, software engineering, Data communications
  • Industrial Engineer Information Processing : Database , Computer architecture, System analysis and planning, OS,Introductions to Information and Communications
  • PMI : PMP

Special lectures on IT practice

  • On and off-line special lectures to enhance practical ability with the latest information
  • Invite IT professionals for on/off line special lectures held each semester
  • Online special lectures allow students to attend lectures before registering.

Faculty with theoretical backgrounds and practical experience

  • Faculty with expertise in IT practices
  • In case of courses engaged with international licenses, lectures are provided by certified instructors from the relevant company.
  • 80% of faculty members have doctor’s degrees or more than 10 years of experience in IT fields.

Courses reflecting the latest technical trends

  • Courses for developing smartphone applications (Android / iPhone)
  • Courses for Oracle OCA / OCP
  • Courses for Cloud computing and big data processing