Restaurant Cooking

Restaurant Cooking Major

Delicious Food, Happy Life!
It's as delicious as I know it!
Cultivating healthy and happy life experts through cooking

The Restaurant Cooking Major guides you to the world of cooking from the perspective of enjoying life, not just taking nutrition.If you have a unique taste and want to eat even a bowl of ramen specially, and are curious about the stories related to each dish, welcome to the Restaurant Cooking Major at Seoul Digital University.

  • Providing the latest convergence knowledge of food-nutritional-eating-cooking-management
  • Top quality faculty with practical knowledge and experience
  • Global human knowledge network of SDU
  • Acquiring valuable certificates and degrees through practical core courses
  • Active support for obtaining admission of famous graduate schools and start-ups
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Cooking
Types of Certifictates
  • Pastry Chef and Baker(Patisserie Chef and Boulangerie)
  • Patisserie(Pastry)
  • Barister
  • Sommelier
  • Cook
  • Restaurant Manager