Senior Welfare

Senior Welfare Major

The Senior Welfare Major at Seoul Digital University aims to cultivate senior welfare professionals by effectively solving various elderly problems and providing systematic welfare theory and field training to improve the life quality of the elderly in the 21st century.

Education Objectives: cultivating welfare experts for the elderly in the 21st Century

  • Faculty provides opportunities for senior welfare/social welfare practice
  • Providing practical training required to acquire qualifications for senior welfare leaders and social workers
  • Building a social welfare community across Korea
    SDU social welfare/senior welfare community
  • Variety of career paths
    Employment and admission to graduate schools: general welfare centers for the elderly, facilities related to the elderly, nursing homes, nursing hospitals, and research institutes for general social welfare centers
  • SDU program receiving a certificate under the president nameSenior welfare instructor, dementia care instructor, hospice instructor
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of Arts in Senior Welfare
Types of Certifictates
  • Social Worker grade 2: acquired after completing required courses
  • Social worker grade 1: those who passed the national exam after obtaining grade 2
  • Welfare recreation for the aged: private association certificate
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • Senior Welfare Instructor: Certificate of completion under the President's name
  • Dementia Care Instructor: Certificate of Completion under the President's Name
  • Hospice Instructor: Certificate of Completion under the President's Name