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Welcome to SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies

Welcome to SDU Dept. of Chinese Studiesthe SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies aims to foster “China Specialists” fluent in Chinese and providesthe best teaching staff and well-balanced curriculum.
The excellence of our department is provenby the highest satisfaction expressed during the last 10 years.
the faculty of the SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies which is comprised of top ranked professionals inChinese and Chinese Studies, provides customized education appropriate to the level of the students.Faculty members of the Dept. of Chinese Studies are active academicians and have extensiveexperience.
We introduce the faculty members of the SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies China now has become the globalsuperpower after the United States. Characteristics of Chinese politics are 'Rule of law' and'harmonious society'. We will provide tips and know-how to improve your Chinese.

We put emphasis on practical Chinese education. A well-balanced curriculum is provided.
will introduce you the curriculums of our department.

The Department of Chinese Studies has many more strength than other top ranked faculty andcustomized education.

Department Strengths
  • A global network of China-related business connects current students with alumni in Korea and China.
  • Alumni provide students with help with advancing to graduate schools
  • Courses of the SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies are 100% online. However, off-line Chinese study groups prepare students for the HSK Examination and Tour Interpreter Exam.
  • Regular off-line special lectures help promote an in-depth understanding of China’s politics, history, economy, society and culture It is also an opportunity to meet professors and fellow students.
  • Students can acquire a SDU KCT certificate with which you can work as a Chinese teacher in kindergartens or elementary schools.

With the Dept. of Chinese Studies Department, you will step forward as a China specialist with fluent language skills. Why don’t you come and join us?


Bachelor’s Degree of ‘Chinese Study’

A bachelor’s degree is awarded to students who have acquired 140 credits during the 4 year course.

Language training course in China (Scholarship provided)

Completing a 1 week course of language training and culture exploration in China is worth 3 credits. The school provides scholarships for trainees.

The nation’s best curriculum for training Chinese experts

We provide pragmatic courses for a deeper understanding of Chinese language, politics, economy and culture in order to foster Chinese experts of the 21st century.

Acquire “SDU KCT Certificate”

SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies provides a certificate course for SDU KCT to foster more specialized and organized Chinese teachers for kids.

High graduate school advancement rate

Annually, a considerable number of graduates successfully advance to major graduate schools in the country.

Preparation course for HSK

Prepare for the HSK test effectively through a systematic educational system.

Faculty comprised of the nation’s top ranked Chinese experts

Faculty of the SDU Dept. of Chinese Studies is comprised of renowned scholars with firm theoretical knowledge and professors with abundant hands-on experiences in business, research centers and journalism of China.

Regular off-line special lectures (China Business Academy)

Special lectures on China-related businesses and effective learning of Chinese language are regularly held, inviting well-known Chinese experts. These lectures provide a realistic approach of China-related business education.

Forming a global network of China-related business

A globalized network connects students with alumni in Korea, China, Japan and South-east Asia.