Living Environment Design (x)

Dept. of Living Environment Design

Living Environment Design ‘LED’
Get ready to challenge with LED

  • Overview

    To support new design methods and practical skills for indoor and outdoorspace-planning, product, furniture and lighting design, eco-design, planning varioussignage and public facilities, and smart service coordination to make our lives morecomfortable

  • Benefits

    • Course configuration for improved total design capacity and an excellent faculty who combine theory, practice, and warm personalities
    • Provides customized enrollment guide according to grade level, major track, and beginner-expert-hobby-general education
    • “Alumni mentoring system” for seamless learning and enjoying your college life
    • Study groups and small meetings for training learning literacy and practicalknow-how
  • Post-Graduation Outcomes

    Architecture and interior design planner and coordinator, expert in product, furniture, lighting, landscape and eco design, living environment curator and planner, total design coordinator, etc

  • Main Courses

    Interior and Decoration, Product Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Material and Building Construction, Indoor Landscape and Creating a Garden, 3D Fundamentals and Design Methodology, History of Design Culture, Ergonomics, Urban Space Design,Exhibition and Display, CAD, Sketch-up, Planning and Presentation, Eco-design, World Dwelling Touring, Design for Society

  • Certificate Options

    LEDP (Living Environment Design Planner), LEDC (Living Environment Design Coordinator), Engineer Product Design, Engineer Interior Architecture, Craftsman Furniture Making, Craftsman Applied Product Modeling etc

  • Contacts