Business Administration

Dept. of Business Administration

Dept. of Business Administration aims to provide a systematic educational support for learningtheory and practice of management and practical education for entrepreneurs and SME (Small andMedium-Sized Enterprise) managers. We make every endeavour to foster talent competent in overallfields of management including Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operationsand Supply Management.

Accordingly, students will be trained by competitive management specialists through dynamic coursescombining theory and practice.

Provides education for SME managers/future entreprenurs
Builds a business network for graduates in various professions and industries
Provides demand-centered education by function(Maketing. HRM. etc) and industry(Manufacturing Fiance. Logistics. etc)
Provides solid business knowledge through education focused on fundamentals
Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Business Administration
Related Certificate
  • E-commerce Management
  • Management Consultant
  • Consumer Adviser
  • Consumer Financial Planner
  • Distribution Manager
  • Survey Analyst
  • Technology Consultant
  • Cyberian
  • Logistics Management
  • Information Processing Engineer
Future career
  • Finding a job at financial institutions
  • government departments
  • specialized enterprises for providing knowledge
  • manufacturing firms
  • legal firms
  • multinational corporations and public organizations
  • consulting companies
  • hospitals
  • Starting up businesses like an SME
  • venture business
  • working as an HR/labor expert
  • customer counseling expert
  • SOHO establishment
  • strategy analysis specialist
  • marketing expert
  • management consulting specialist