Financial consumers

Korea’s Best one! Dept. of Financial Consumers

With the enactment of the Korean Capital Market Consolidation Act, the balance of the market has shifted from manufacturing to the finance sector,
and finance is emerging as the core growth engine of the Korean economy, accordingly. The same is true of advanced and other emerging economies where finance is becoming a new growth engine along with a decreasing profit rate in the manufacturing sector. In reality, advanced countries have higher competitiveness of the financial industry than others, which shows that financial advancement is closely tied to economic advancement. You will become a major player in one of the core growth industries by learning Finance and Insurance.
Taking classes from practitioners and theorists in Finance and Insurance, you can easily study and obtain promising Finance and Insurance certificates, such as AFPK (Associate Financial Planner Korea), CFP(Certified Financial Planner), IFP (Insurance Financial Planner), FP (Financial Planner), CSIA (Certified Securities Investment Advisor), CDIA (Certified Derivatives Investment Advisor) and FRM (Certified Financial Risk Manger).

Earn a degree and relevant professional certificates at the same time.

Earn a degree as well as acquiring professional certificates like collective asset manager, asset manager, AFPK and CFP, financial risk manager, portfolio investment consultant, or derivatives investment counselor.

Pursue the knowledge-based practice

Our curriculum is designed to accumulate and utilize practical knowledge demanded by the industry. Theories without practical use are eliminated from the curriculum.

Lectures on specialized content that allows two-way communication

Virtual lectures, Flash lectures, and Team teaching by professionals of various fields. Also, we have student participation classes through discussions and presentations.

The nation’s best faculty members with strong theoretical backgrounds and experience

Our specialized faculty enables unusually effective and practical learning through a well -balanced combination of traditional knowledge and up-to-date information.

Most satisfactory school life

Customized care that effectively manages class operations, student’s attendance, difficulties, etc.

The place where professionals in the finance and insurance industry study

Unlike off-line universities where most of the students are in their 20’s, many of the students of the SDU Dept. of Financial Consumers are professional workers engaged in the fields of finance and insurance, forming a beneficial human network.

Campus life

Tuition is only 1/3 of offline universities. Moreover, there are various scholarship systems thatgive students the opportunity to receive financial aid with minimal effort.

It’s not too late to start learning

Promote self-realization through official off-line gatherings such as off-line special lectures, freshmen orientation, gatherings in the beginning of the session, Membership Training (Student Retreat), regional special lectures, athletics meeting, gatherings at the end of session, graduation travel and a variety of student clubs for hiking, marathons and movies.