English language

Roadmap of Learning
Characteristics of SDU Dept. of English Language

Customized lecture content is the greatest pride of the SDU Dept. of English Language

We provide more than 40 courses in our curriculum including Business English, English Education, Interpretation and Translation . A diagnostic test to determine an individual’s proficiency level helps students to choose the right class for themselves. Also, career counseling through a systematic roadmap is provided.

Interactive courses with our top rank faculty

Effective English education is provided by top class faculty members armed with firm theoretical knowledge and experience and experience and specialized lectures focusing on conversation given by native speaking instructors. Individual or in group on-line conversations with a native speaker enables real time interaction. We also provide assistance for beginners to gain confidence in English through step-by-step education.

Preparation course for systematic acquisition of relevant certificates

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to acquire various certifications (TESOL, YL TESOL, Certificate of English reading instructor for children, Interpreter and translator courses) Specialized management system is built for all students preparing for certificate course (Online conversation with native speakers, Weekly Lesson for Classroom English & Writing, various off-line special lectures), We provide lectures linked to field educations: practices TEE (Teaching English in English), Multimedia English education, Techniques of English storytelling.etc. Provide opportunities for Micro-teaching practice

First online university to introduce TESOL certificate course

The SDU Dept. of English Language was the first online program to provide a curriculum that assists students to complete the certificate course of TESOL and YL TESOL. Intensive certificate courses and an oral proficiency test enhance the reliability of the certificate. Provides effective learning environment in various communities associated with English education.

Global students of the SDU Dept. of English Language builds an international network

Students of the SDU Dept. of English language are spread throughout the globe, including the US, Australia, the UK, Vietnam, South America, and China. The SDU Dept. of English Language provide Lectures internationally recognized and recommended.

Off-line activities with professors and alumni with different experiences

Provides opportunities to form a human network with fellow students through participation of off-line activities MT (Student Retreat), athletic competitions, gatherings at the beginning of each semester, student clubs, off-line special lectures and workshops.