Japanese studies

Dept. of Japanese studies

You can learn Japanese and about Japan by understanding its culture at SDU’s Department of Japanese Studies. We open the path to becoming a Japanese specialist by providing a professional curriculum to anyone who is enthusiastic about learning about Japan.

  • Best curriculum to foster Japanese experts

    As Japanese studies begin with becoming fluent in Japanese, we provide basic Japanese courses to advanced courses for systematic.
    Japanese education in: grammar and writing, conversation and comprehension, translation and interpretation, and exam preparation.
    Also, students can learn about Japan from different angles, through literature, history, culture, politics, economy and society. These quality curricula will produce true Japanese specialists.

  • Preparation course for the JLPT Test

    Students can effectively prepare for the JLPT Test with our specialized courses on exam-oriented Japanese.

  • Faculty members composed of 1st ranked Japanese experts

    The Department of Japanese Studies is proud to offer a variety of professional courses no other online university has and the best faculty members with doctorate degrees from prestigious schools in both Korea and Japan.

  • Regular off-line special lectures

    Special lectures on effective learning of Japanese conducted by renowned experts engaged in practical fields of Japan.

  • Acquire Professional Certification

    The SDU Dept. of Japanese Studies provides a certificate course for ‘SDU Japanese Teaching Specialist’ to foster more specialized andorganized Japanese instructors.

Any student at SDU’s Japanese Studies can accumulate expertise to become a Japanese specialists in the globalized era though our curriculum andeducational environment.