Visual Communication Design

Dept. of Visual Communication Design

Cultivation of creative & professional visual communication designers to lead the digital age

  • Overview

    • Curriculum emphasis on current digital technology and top design trends with various visualization designs
    • Systematic learning based on theory and practice of visual communication design
    • Fostering creative visual communication designers with innovative ideas and plans
  • Benefits

    • Systematic learning roadmap for everyone from complete beginners to experts
    • Former and current designers teaching online
    • High acceptance rate to well-known graduate schools
    • Network with professional designers
  • Post-Graduation Outcomes

    IDigital publishers, digital contents designers, web/mobile contents designers, 3D printing designers, design planners, design start-up, graduate students etc.

  • Main Courses

    Digital Publishing, 3D Printing Design, Design Start-up Business, Design Concepts and Planning, PowerPoint Design, Digital Branding

  • Certificate Options

    Visual Design Engineer, Computer Graphics Technician, Colorist Industry Engineer, Web Design Technician, Electric Publishing Technician, Product Modeling Technician, Product Design Engineer/Industry Engineer/Technician, Multimedia Expert, SDU Digital Publishing Certificate, SDU 3D Printing Design Certificate

  • Contacts