Department of Design

The only department among the cyber universities in Korea!
Culture and Arts Educator Grade 1(design field) National certificate and Bachelor of Design degree can be obtained at the same time!!!
Only at Department of Design at Seoul Digital University!!!

The Department of Design aims to cultivate creative designers whocan not only learn a state-of-the-art digital technology but also lead a digital era through creative thinking and planning, based on systematic design theory and practical skills. To this end, faculty members working in the design field optimize the latest trend courses required in the design field to suit the online learning environment.

  • By 100% smartphone and online courses, it is possible to obtain both a bachelor’s degree and a national certificate as a "culture and arts educator grade 2" in the design field!; it is possible only in SDU among the cyber universities in Korea.
  • Professional design faculty with practical and theoretical skills
  • Classes that reflect the latest design trends
  • Specialized curriculum tailored to the learner level
  • Regular lectures by celebrities in the field of design
  • Forming the largest human network with design experts possible
  • High rate of excellent graduate school enrollment
Acquistion Degree and Related Certificates
Bachelor of in Design
Types of Certifictates
  • National Certificate: Culture and Arts Educator Grade 2(design field)
  • Visual Design Engineer, Visual Design Industrial Engineer
  • Computer Graphics Operation Technician
  • Colorist Engineer, Colorist Industrial Engineer
  • Web Design Technician
  • Electronic Publishing Technician
  • Product Application Modeling Technician
  • Multimedia Content Production Expert
  • Product Design Engineer, Product Industrial Engineer, Product


  • GTQ(Graphics Technical Qualification)
  • GTQI(Graphics Technical Qualification Illustration)
  • ITQ(Information Technology Qualification)
  • PAT(Presentation Ability)
  • Digital Video Editing Certificate Grade 1 and 2
  • ACA(Adobe International Certification)
    Photoshop/Illustrator/Premier Pro/ACA Special
Certificates of Completion at SDU
  • Metaverse Contents Design Specialization Program
  • Webtoon Design Specialization Program
  • Online Contents Design Specialization Program
  • Image Contents Design Specialization Program
  • Digital Publishing Specialization Program
  • Design Management Specialization Program
  • Design Creative Education Specialization Program
  • 3D Printing Design Specialization Program