Dept. of Fashion

Based on knowledge of apparel planning, design, production and logistics, the Fashion Department fosters fashion specialists with both theory andpractice in fashion design, merchandising, marketing, styling, editing , VMD, show planning, shopping mall entrepreneur, shop master and fashion web design.

The 1st and the only fashion department in an online university

The Department of Fashion is the only online fashion school aimed at fostering fashion experts who can actively respond to the changing fashion industry. Our department has a stable infrastructure for on-line fashion education with a strong human network of alumni.

Practice-oriented convergence education and presenting the latest paradigms suitable for re-training.

The SDU Dept. of Fashion provides unique courses reflecting the latest fashion trends: Fashion Brand PR in Practice, Fashion Editor in Practice,
Fashion Show & Art Directing, Planning and Making Fashion Shopping Malls, Shoes& Fashion Accessary Design, Fashion Photography,
Fashion Designers and Brand Story.

Curriculum designed to assist students’ acquisition of professional certificates

Curriculum designed to assist students’ acquisition of professional certificates in fashion web design, fashion merchandising, industrial engineer fashion design, VMD master, shop master, fashion stylist, and fashion editor to foster professionals demanded by various industries.The Dept. of Fashion has created a certificate of Fashion Editor and certificate of Fashion Web Designer to foster well-prepared fashion editors and fashion web (shopping mall) specialists.

Efficient and interesting specialized courses and lectures with a sense of reality

Virtual fashion education courses with expert interviews, field inquiries , and practical training in virtual space.

The largest network of members currently in the workforce of the fashion industry that meet through on/off-line activities.

Students of the SDU Dept. of Fashion form a strong network through school entrance ceremonies, gatherings at the beginning of the semester, gatherings at the end of the semester, MT(student retreats), special lectures by design experts, Facebook clubs, online communities (Naver cafe), and local gatherings.

Top rated faculty armed with practical experience and theoretical knowledge

The faculty members of the SDU Dept. of Fashion are professionals with competency to provide a realistic education with up-to-date information ofthe rapidly changing fashion industry.

A systematic online tutoring system for perfect understanding

The SDU Dept. of Fashion can provide a convenient and effective practical training. We also provide real time 1:1 customized coaching of practical training.

We provide creativity-enhancing common courses for the art division and collaboration courses with other majors.

We foster fashion specialists with sensibility and creativity through 8 specialized courses of SDU to enhance creativity. Moreover, with collaboration courses with other majors, we provide the best educational environment that maximizes academic extention.

Online career centers provide 1:1 customized consulting for students planning for graduate schools.

1:1 customized consulting for students planning to graduate to aid their successful acceptance and online career centers for fashion job placement.

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