Culture and art management

Dept. of Culture and art management

The SDU Dept. of Culture and Arts Management fosters creative managers of culture and art who plan,create and distribute customer-oriented, high-class,
Korean cultural artwork in the era of convergence. The SDU Dept. of Culture and Arts Managementfoster warm-hearted leaders with creativity and business-minds,
enhancing communication, convergence and healing of society through cultural arts.

Human network with experts through special lectures and field education

People from different generations and professions meet and interact by participation in on-line andoff-line special lectures and at various cultural events
(conferences, exhibits, seminars, etc.)

A variety of interesting courses enhance art skills in actual working environments

Enhance practical competency by participating in expert interviews, field inquiries ,off-line lectures and field practice.

Best Faculty members

The best professionals of culture and art industries provide practical education thatreflects the latest trends.

Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Culture and Arts Management
Related Certificate
  • SDU Culture and Arts Manager
  • SDU Gallerist
  • Event Planner
  • Copywrite Manager
  • SDU Culture and Arts Commentator
  • Semi-Curator of Art Museumss
  • Event Planning Director
  • Celebrity Manger
  • TRIZ Level 1, 2.
Future career
  • Cultural art planner
  • gallery manager
  • celebrity manager
  • designer and planner of cultural contents
  • performance group manager
  • copyright manager
  • art critic
  • instructor at a culture center
  • cultural art coordinator
  • culture and art policy specialist
  • party planner
  • art management consultant
  • art and science researcher
  • performing arts professional
  • critic of cultural art
  • art administrator
  • performance planner,
  • semi-curator
  • planner of performances and events
  • cultural space consultant
  • curator
  • small theater manager
  • leisure sports instructor
  • art auctioneer
  • art dealer
  • Cultural goods marketer, etc.