Jazz&contemporary music

Dept. of Jazz & Contemporary Music

The SDU Dept. of Practical Music is lead by top-class faculty which is comprised of graduates ofrenowned graduate schools including Berkeley College of Music,University of Miami, New York University and highly experienced professionals on the Korean andinternational music scene. Our curriculum is designed andmanaged by our top class faculty.

Opportunities offered by the SDU Dept. of Jazz & Contemporary Music
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree after completing our 4-year curriculum (2 years for 2nd year transfer students)
  • Since all courses are 100% online, students can view the lectures whenever and wherever during the term.
  • A huge space (330㎡) comprised of practice rooms for individuals and bands will be made at the basement of the school building exclusively for the use of the Dept. of Jazz & Contemporary Music. All students of the SDU Dept. of Jazz & Contemporary Music can utilize this space acording to the procedure.
  • Students can have conversations with professional musicians in regular special lectures held every semester.
  • Students can experience and perform on the stage through regular student jam sessions and annual concerts.
  • Participate in various student clubs to improve your capacity and share your musicalinspirations.
  • Realize your dream of becoming a musician here at the SDU Dept. of Jazz & Contemporary Music
Future career
Performing artist
  • Perform in clubs
  • Live sessions
  • Recording session
  • Bands
  • Recording Engineer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
Computer music
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Arranger
  • Computer musician
Private education
  • Music academy manager
  • practice instructor
  • private lessons
Commercial music
  • Production of commercial music
Film music
  • OST production
  • Music critic
  • Reviewer
  • Writing articles for newspapers and magazines